Documentation for IXD Studio II

As we headed closer to the first presentation of the semester, we began brainstorming our areas of interests or more specifically the domains we wanted to hone in on and choose a discipline of focus within the topic of Schools as Community Hubs.

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Affinity Map of the Areas of Interests

The Territory Map

A clue that led us in the direction of understanding the concept of community hubs was the territory map. …

Communication Design Studio — Project 1

Design Brief
Our goal is to investigate ways of using communication design to intervene in existing forms of news consumption to help people become better informed citizens by (1) aiding their critical review of information and (2) teaching them how to carefully read content (not just the words but the forms of content).

As a designer, it’s important for you to be able to quickly analyze complex information and visualize relationships among content that others often miss. …

Communication Design Studio — Project 3

Week 11 — Understanding Data

The Business of Understanding by Wurman

LATCH - Ways of classifying information is based on location, alphabet, time, category and hierarchy.

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A proposal for the design of an inclusive escape room to be experienced in the dark submitted to the Carnegie Mellon University Carnival Committee.


  • Concept Overview and Introduction
  • Exploring the Ideas of Inclusive Design, Accessibility and Universal Design
  • The Codesign and Participatory Design Methodology
  • Exploring the Escape Room Experience
  • Design Process
  • Conclusion


Imagine exploring a dark room, set in the style of an Egyptian cemetery inspired by the Valley of the Kings to solve puzzles the ancient way. While some of us look up to the visual touchpoints that recreate the semblance of this chilly and eerie yet…

Communication Design Studio — Project 2

This project involves studying complex and abstract concepts based on their nature — big and small, decoding why they are important and how they work and bringing alive these concepts in a video-based format.

Week 5 — Telling the Tale of the Rainbow

Decoding the Phenomenon of the Rainbow and its significance.

“It takes sunshine and rain to make a rainbow. There would be no rainbows without sunshine and rain.”
Roy T. Bennett

The Rainbow appears as a multicoloured circular arc consisting of seven hues. VIBGYOR is a common mnemonic used to describe the seven hues. …

Aashrita Indurti

Interaction and Service Designer | Graduate Student at the School of Design, Carnegie Mellon University

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